Ho Ho Ho, Mistress says “No” – A Holiday Gift of Orgasm Denial From Miss Iris

Stay strong for your Mistress!  Happy Holidays, sweetie.


Ho Ho Ho, Mistress says “No”


I have been keeping a list and checking it twice, but I enjoy all my playthings when they are naughty and when they are nice!

Your submission, your obedience, your vulnerability, your devotion,

I adore when you serve me and profess with emotion

That my beauty and wisdom and style and grace

Have helped you to accept your rightful place

In life

At my feet.


You also delight me with your filthy dreams and your need to be bad bois and gurls,

So do not think that being virtuous and clean

Will save you from my keen

Interest in your chastity.


If I take ownership of your overused cock and your ever-present stroking hand,

My interest and guidance are gifts!  Gifts that come with one firm demand.

You will not come without my permission.


If you want to be my sweet Holiday elf,

If you want to put aside your needy focus on yourself,

If you want to transcend boring self-gratification and be

Closer to me,

You will not cum without my permission.


My Holiday gift to all you tease and denial bois and gurls out there is a joyous and festive, “No!”  I give you the gift of no because I care about you and want to rescue you from the trap of constant masturbation.  I want your orgasms to be memorable!  And I want you to experience the joy of sacrificing to please another.  Plus, I just love owning you and making you wait.  :)  So stroke your candy canes all you like and put a dozen edges under the tree for me.  Because your obedience is at the top of my wishlist.


Be good for me and I might let you kiss me under the mistletoe.  :)


 Your assignment is to write me a little holiday denial poem!  You can do it.  :)  Just a short one.  It will make me happy.  Post it in the comments or read it to me on a call.

(More Holiday fun now available on my main blog, KinkyStoryTime.com.)




2 comments to Ho Ho Ho, Mistress says “No” – A Holiday Gift of Orgasm Denial From Miss Iris

  • glenn

    As the holiday fire roars and dances, my balls are tight and cock enflamed, lost
    in a Christmas dream thinking of my beautiful flower, Iris.
    My love grows as my arousal and I am driven to madness, but for her arrival and permission.
    The churning in my nether regions, like the ocean, pulsates with a life of its own.
    Always restless and changing and I await her voice taking me to the heights and back, again and again…
    basking in the glow and frustration of my chastity for her… Hmmmm…
    Christmas is coming but I am not.

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