Monkey Boy Amuses Humiliation Mistresses – Show Ends with Orgasm Denial

First some comments from me and then something different.

I realize I have been denying my readers your denial by neglecting this fabulous blog and that is probably taking things too far, so I will be posting more regularly here from now on.  :)  Today, I have something particularly fun to share.  I am posting an email I received (in its entirety and with the permission of the author) to give you a taste of what is possible when my dearest Flower Power friend, Miss Violet, and I get together.  Lest it frighten My monkey-boy did not have such a dapper suit.some of my more delicate readers away, you should know we are not always this wicked.  Only humiliation and pain nutjobs like my delightful monkey-boy bring out this level of dominance in us.  I think Miss Violet would agree this was an exceptional call even for us!  And we are known for exceptional calls.  :)  So if you need a gentler touch, you may still call us.  We probably will not bite you.  That said, it was ridiculously fun humbling this caller.  :)  LOL


The letter from monkey-boy:

Queen Iris & Mistress Violet,

Last Friday’s call left me with goosebumps that lasted days.  It was probably one of the most arousing and simultaneously humiliating evenings of my life; so amazing I’m lost for words to describe it.

1st of all, I’d have to say the two of you were amazing together.  The way you interacted and played along with the role play was perfection. You both have a lot of similar interests and I could feel the pleasure you were getting from my humiliation and pain. I loved the way you made me dance like a naked monkey while laughing at my bobbing cock making me slap and then stroke it; that was enough to make me explode. All this while under the gaze of not one but two dominating hot mistresses was too much to bare as I got to the edge and was ordered to stop.

It got even better when I was told to slam the toilet lid on my cock and balls.  The pain made me yelp like a dog yet it turned me on like a horny teenager that just had his first access to porn. I was then ordered to stroke with toothpaste; despite it’s roughness still left me tingly and aroused. I was then allowed to add mouthwash to the mix making it easier, the increasing pain brought me closer and closer to the edge as I was getting ready to explode I was ordered to remove my hand from that piece of flesh between my legs, my Mistresses observed my bobbing cock right before they denied me.

I was left on the bathroom floor with a throbbing toothpaste covered hard-on.

All I can think about is what would my Mistresses do next when they get together for a 2 mistress call?

Your stroker,
Curious George ;-)

P.S I really hope you’re happy with me as I didn’t blow my load this time. :-)


A comment from Miss Violet:

“When monkey boy started doing his monkey dance for us,
Ms Iris and I both found it hilarious.
Watching him hop nimbly from foot to foot,
keeping his legs bent and simultaneously stroking his cock.
It was truly a sight to behold.
And wow! Monkey boy gets REALLY excited when he is
commanded to do such embarrassing things.”


And a comment from Miss Iris:

“Monkey-boy is genuinely pretty. With perfect teeth and
perfect hair and a big dick. He has a big ego, too.
So he looked like he would cry when I told him to put toothpaste
in his pretty hair. But to his credit, he did it! LOL
He was genuinely entertaining and made Miss Violet and I laugh
the whole call. Con i casino online e possibile provare tantissimi giochi casino d’azzardo diversi come slot machines e video poker e non depositare nemmeno un’euro al momento dell’iscrizione.. It was a wild fun humiliation cam session
that I will never forget.”

Your assignment:

Think about how Miss Violet and I tested monkey-boy’s limits and how he reacted.  When was the last time your limits were truly tested?  What is a fetish or sensation that intrigues you but you have been too afraid to explore?  I want you to confess that interest to your Mistress and consider the possibility of trying something new together.




2 comments to Monkey Boy Amuses Humiliation Mistresses – Show Ends with Orgasm Denial

  • MonkeyMan

    No confessions yet?

    You two ladies surely are the “Dick-tators” my mind and body are still reeling from my monkeyMan experience and I REALLY can’t wait for what’s next.

    I’m really hoping you can utilize more items to make me horny, to take me to the edge and back again, I love guided masturbation, to be horny hard aroused and at your mercy (for both your pleasure and your amusement.)

    I hope next time you can suggest other items to use to make me jump like a monkey and shriek like a little girl; I’m so looking forward to seeing what you two get my balls caught into next time. Perhaps the use of REALLY hot water, ice or wax?

    I’m still stroking and edging at your command; I really hope you let me give you standing ovation with explosive results ;-)

  • Hi monkey-boy, unfortunately, my callers are often too shy to confess in my blogs and only do so on calls. But I have heard from many who found this post amusing. :) Or scary. LOL

    Miss Violet and I will discuss you tonight and get back to you soon. Be good!

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