Orgasm denial testimonial from a happy sissy

My sissy sally wrote this sweet testimonial a while ago and I saved it to share here because she was inexperienced with orgasm denial phone sex and she was so surprised at the energizing effect it had on her.  That is often the case!  So I thought her wonderful letter was best suited to this orgasm denial audience.  At this time, my sissy girl is on a summer hiatus and she is drinking beer and wearing boxers and pretending to be manly.  I instructed her to put all of her pretty panties and fun toys in a secret hiding place where she is forbidden from touching or enjoying them until we resume our work together.  I hope she is enjoying her manliness (as much as such a thing is possible).  And I thank her for writing this lovely letter and giving me permission to share it here.  I did not edit her words at all.

“i started delving into the world of femdom about 2 or 3 years ago. It was a hit and miss kind of experience. i would call various phone sex Mistresses and use them for a bit. i would begin to commit only to  purge them and go for a while without a Mistress. i was binging and purging quite a bit.  i actually had a real life Mistress. She was more of a sexual Mistress and did not deny me or train me to be a good sissy. I had a couple of pairs of panties with her but she did not make me wear them all day and all week for her. She required them only when we played. She did not deny me so when we did not play i was free to masturbate away and do whatever  i wanted to do.

 i floundered in this for a while and then purged again.  i had butt plugs, dildos and a chastity cage but i got rid of all of it.  i never felt committed to serving her.

Things went back to a vanilla way of life. All was well, so i thought. i was  masturbating regularly, sex with my wife was good when it happened.  Something seemed to be missing though, it was a longing to be owned and not in charge. i was watching porn on the computer and masturbating more.

i found some on line sites where you could make believe your were transformed into a girl, but i am not a girl.

Locking you up in chastityI came across the LDW site and it piqued my interest as i live in a small town and not many Mistresses in business around here. So i began to view the site and sent in the form with help for selecting a Mistress. I received a couple of emails back and neither of them seem to be the right fit. So i just went about my business for a couple of weeks, I then came back to LDW. I read Mistress Iris’s blog about chastity and owning your cock. Her voice was so intoxicating. She was drawing me in and i found myself wanting to give her ownership of, at that time, what was my cock. We exchanged emails, then a phone session.

The session was fantastic. It was as if she knew what i was thinking. As the session progressed she brought me to the edge several times. The session was coming to an end my balls swollen, i was on the edge. “Take your hands off. Now.” i wanted to stoke myself to orgasm, but i did not. “Zip your pants up and go to work. Think about me, pleasing me” she told me. At this point i knew that my cock was no longer mine. It now belonged to Miss Iris. We exchanged emails and she gave me an assignment

She allowed me to edge everyday but no cumming. I made a mistake when i was edging and i slid a finger in my pussy while edging. It caused me to reach orgasm. i felt so ashamed and scared that she would no longer own me.i was honest and i told her what had happened  She was disappointed and we would discuss it in our next call. She said she still saw hope for me.

I called her and after showing my devotion to her, i still belong to Miss Iris. i am her sissy-pet among other names. I started with no pairs of panties and i now have 9 pairs. i love my panties i wear panties under my clothes at work when she tells me to. i will do anything  my Mistress asks of me. i have not had release for quite a while now, other than a ruined orgasm, and i don’t know if i will ever release again as that is out of my control and in the loving hands of Miss Iris. This is a wonderful thing as i do not have to worry about it. i need to worry about pleasing Mistress and making her happy!

Thank you Mistress Iris for owning me. I belong to you completely. I am so lucky to be your sissy-pet and i will honor you with my chastity.


sissy slut sally


I just want to add that sissy sally has consistently amused and surprised me and I’ve really enjoyed guiding her in her kinky exploration.  She is a fun filthy open-minded girl. I am pleased we developed the kind of trusting relationship where we could adjust to her changing needs and life situation and I am interested to see how we evolve after her hiatus.  Whether we train on a schedule like we did previously or just enjoy random play-dates and more casual connections, she will remain my special pet because of her exceptional devotion and her thoughtful nature.  :)

Did you enjoy reading my sally’s story?  Do you have a story about finding the right Mistress?  Feel free to share it in the comments.  I would love to hear from you.  And I am sure sally would love to hear if you connected with her testimonial, too.  

(Also, you might enjoy this open letter from my pet, monday, about finding the right phone sex Mistress for his needs, too.)




2 comments to Orgasm denial testimonial from a happy sissy

  • Forrest Hicks

    Thank you sissy-sally for allowing Ms Iris to share your story with us.

    I always enjoy reading peoples stories about how they found their kinks and fetishes. I my self fall into a very grey area of sexuality and spent many years confused about it. Understanding how other people found theirs helps me to understand my own, if that makes sense.

  • sally4iris

    Thank you very much sir and you are welcome.

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